How to use a naked domain with Swipe Pages

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So, you just put your hands on this awesome deal on Appsumo, Swipe Pages, but, instead of a subdomain, like they currently allow, you want to use your naked domain, that was at least my case, personally, I don’t like the www, they look so outdated.

Anyway, this is a common “issue” with landing page builders, they normally will connect only a subdomain, but it is possible, with a little adjustment, to connect your naked domain of choice.

What do I need to connect a naked domain with Swipe Pages?

  • a Cloudflare account, which offers a free tier,
  • a cup of coffee (a small one, this will be fast)
  • a Swipe Pages account,

With that, let’s do this

Login into your Cloudflare account

First thing, you need to add a domain

Choose your plan. You want the free plan. This is free as free beer, not free as free kittens.

Once you do it, Cloudflare will scan your records. If this is a new/unused domain, you will have no records

It will look something like this

Once this is finished, Cloudflare will generate two records, called NS records, they look something like this:

Just use this records within your domain registrar, to point to Cloudflare. Since each registrar does this a different way, I’ll not tell you how to do it, but, it’s pretty simple.

Now, let Cloudflare do this thing. This process might take some time, since the DNS needs to propagate.

Go back to your Swipe Pages account

Add your domain. You will see a popup, that will show you a CNAME record. Just copy it. You will need it for the next step

Login back into your Cloudflare account, and now, we will add the record.

Remember that blue button, saying +ADD RECORD? Hit that baby like you hit a ball with your baseball bat, don’t fear.

Let’s connect the naked/root domain

  • Add a CNAME record, using your domain @ as value and the record provided by Swipe as target
  • Add a CNAME record, using www as value and your naked/root domain as value
  • Make sure the values are proxied, this means, the little cloud needs to be orange

Set a rule for redirection

Now, go back to your cloudflare dashboard , we will need to set a rule to redirect the traffic to the correct place

Once you are there, we need to set the rule. With the free plan you can have up to 3 rules, but, we just need one.

Now, pay close attention, is very important to set this right

  • At the first field, use your naked/root domain
  • use the Forwarding URL rule
  • set as 301 redirect, permanent,
  • Set the last field to be (without SSL)
  • Save and deploy

Done! I hope this is helpful to you guys.

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